Crawling Insects

PesticideActive ingredientPictures of pesticideApplication Pack Sizes
Say clear 2.5%Lambda-cyhalothrin2.5%EC60cm3\10 liters of water 
Decathrin 5%Deltamethrin 5%WP60 g \10 liters of water 
Top Z 57%Malathion 57%EC526.31cm3\10 liters of water 
Anti-rush 60%



DPFogging(dust) according to the severity of the infestation 
Contra Z 40%Chlorpyrifos ethyl 40%EC 125cm3\10 liters of water 
Contra dust 2%Chlorpyrifos ethyl 2%ECaccording to the severity of infestation 
Master Z10%Lambda-cyhalothrin10%



15 g\10 liters of water100 gm – 250 gm – 1 kg
New Kafrobid 0.5%Cyfluthrin 0.05%DPaccording to the severity of the infection500 gm – 1 kg
Ceflozal 5% Cyfluthrin 5%EC80 cm3 / 10 liters500 cm – 1 liter
Bendo z 1%Bendocarb 1%DPaccording to the severity of the infection500 gm – 1 kg
Fepro z 25% Fipronil 20%SC5 cm3 / 10 liters of water500 cm – 1 liter