KZ Technical Support

Under challenging of Climate Change Worldwide and the potential impacts of climate change in Egypt — brought on, by considerable loss,  including reduced crop yields, food insecurity, and water stress, that pushed  KZ act to build a more sustainable way of working, to help the growers to increase food production and quality.

Therefore, KZ is committed to working closely, through KZ technical support team, with our customers and we constantly support them with wide range of products and highly services.

The Technical team has a strong knowledge leads to create best solutions to growers for a more sustainable agriculture through our wide range of portfolio: Plant Protection Products – Fertilizers – Organic Biopesticide, and Bio-stimulation products.

The following activities provide a detailed and informative insight into a particular KZ product. Spectrum of activity,  mode of action & biological efficacy – recommendations & dosage, formulation & available packaging , features & benefits, Safe application use & storage & disposal too.

We also cover aspects like, provide growers with the details on the life cycle of major pests and diseases and indicate the best timing to use the particular product brand. Farmer Meetings Events   – Demonstration Trials, Field Days & Farm visits on regular basis

We communicate with farmers by providing:

  • Complete recommendation book, and leaflets for the entire portfolio.
  • Several field seminars & trainings for al type of farmers.
KZ Technical Support Team
Eng. Mahmoud Khattab 01011442514
Eng. Islam Farag 01004414305
Eng. Mohamed Ashraf 01066693886
Eng. Mahmoud Elsalhy 01227433984