KZ is an Egyptian  market leader in crop protection products, with broad coverage of an diverse market.

We produce herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizer and bio-pesticides that give strong and healthy plant growth. We complement our sales products with technical services and crop solutions

As well as, protecting plants from insects and diseases, we provide fertilizer products that help them better feeding , tolerate environmental stresses such as heat, cold and drought.

We also offer wide range for house hold and public health products,  where people live, work and play.

KZ Empower smallholders; where smallholders produce more than 70 percent of the food consumed in Egypt and Africa Middle East . Their crop productivity lags well behind that of larger producers, so closing the gap significantly improves profitability for them and food security in general.

Many of from our activities are made in where smallholder farmers predominate. We work with our key partners to provide smallholders with various products and technical trainings that make them more productive, efficient and profitable. Providing several trainings on new products,  exciting portfolio and best practices helps smallholders improve their yield efficiency.