Control of Environmental Impacts and Occupational Safety and Health Risks

Environmental Impacts

All environmental impacts during mixing and packaging have been controlled by modernizing production lines through the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and using automatic packing and packaging lines the EPAP I project as well as the PPSI project in cooperation with KFW Development Bank.

Environmental Measurements

Necessary environmental measurements are made through a measurement plan using modern equipment in compliance with the applicable law as the corrective action is taken in the event of any discrepancy and the preventive action is taken before non-conforming cases occur.

Solid waste reduction

Solid waste reduction to much less than the permissible limits. As for liquid waste, the company has no liquid waste according to the nature of its production process, which is due to the fact that the water does not enter into the formation. The company’s drainage is human waste and cooling water, therefore it is drained on the public drainage network of Kafr al-Zayat city not to the Nile River since 1988 in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation – Nile Engineering Rashid Branch – Kafr al-Zayat.

Disposure of Wastes

The company disposes of wastes under a contract with the Department of Hazardous Waste in Alexandria – and EcoConServ Environmental Services, in accordance with the environmental conditions in cooperation with EEAA, as well as contracting with the Petroleum Trading Service Co. “Petrotrade” to dispose of used oil (car and engine exhaust) in accordance with environmental conditions in cooperation with EEAA.